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3FM Serious Request and Pump Piston Kim75

This week, no less than our Pump Suction Kim75 ambassador Kim Holland recorded our radio commercials. These will be broadcast on 3Fm between December 5 and 9! Gevelridder will also draw attention to the glass house during this series. Let the smart installation of glass now also be the mission of Gevelridder BV! Most Gevelridder products are also made in Holland!

Het Glazen Huis returns to NPO 3FM this year , this time to raise money for the Het Vergeten Kind foundation. Radio DJs Barend van Deelen, Sophie Hijlkema and Rob Janssen move into the house in Amersfoort and make live radio 24 hours a day for a week.

3FM Serious Request raises money for The Forgotten Child. From December 18 to 24, 3FM DJs Barend van Deelen, Sophie Hijlkema and Rob Janssen will play donation requests day and night from the Glass House in Amersfoort. This so that The Forgotten Child can continue their important work! can do even better and bring light to the lives of thousands of forgotten children.

3FM DJ Wijnand visited 14-year-old Zahra to talk about what The Forgotten Child has meant to her and her family. Watch their conversation below.

Met de hulpmiddelen van Gevelridder werken wij veilig en efficiënt!

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