De KIM75

De Kim75 op de bouwplaats

Met de hulpmiddelen van Gevelridder werkt u niet alleen veilig en efficiënt, u kunt ook met minder werknemers uw werk doen, Corona proof!


Hand vacuum cleaner or pump vacuum cleaner

The Electric Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter model SirLiftAlot75 SN GR232448, hand vacuum “Kim”, is made for lifting, carrying and holding objects with flat, airtight surfaces. The better alternative to the pump piston. Other uses are not permitted. It is a fully portable electric vacuum cleaner with a maximum horizontal absorption force of 75 kg. The hand vacuum cleaner can be used for materials such as ceramic tiles, glass, smooth plates and also for household appliances, furniture, etc. Old-fashioned pumping with the pump piston is no longer necessary!

USB Hand Vacuum Vs Pump Vacuum

The (hand) vacuum cleaner can be charged with a USB charging cable. When the piston is turned on and placed against the material to be lifted, the Cup will automatically be vacuumed. The pump stops automatically when it reaches the safe vacuum value and starts automatically when the vacuum underpressure is lower than the safe value. This will not only improve your work efficiency, but also make it much safer. The piston cannot be used until the pump has stopped pumping.

ARBOWET Hand vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for 75 kg, but please note the following: according to the Working Conditions Act, 1 person may carry a maximum of 23 kg and 2 people together 50 kg. Follow this rule at all times. Products can be purchased at if you need to lift more than 50 kg.

This limit is based on the  NIOSH method  , which is also included in the explanatory notes to  Working Conditions Decree 5.2  .

But weight isn’t the only factor that makes the task onerous. The frequency, the distance of the movement, the height to the floor and the rotation of the body also have an influence. The NIOSH method takes these circumstances into account. Based on this, NIOSH calculation tool calculates the recommended weight. The maximum is 23 kilos, but in extra heavy conditions it can be even lower. In general, the result is a maximum of 12 kg or even much less.

In construction, the rule is that goods heavier than 50 kg may not be moved manually. So not with multiple employees.


We also sell the hand pump piston , of course, but it is actually outdated. The real professional uses the KIM75.

Our top seller on the site, the Gevelridderkar , should of course not be missing from your service van.