Stichting Vaarwens 15 jaar!

Stichting Vaarwens 15 jaar

Stichting Vaarwens because:

Stichting Vaarwens, Suppose… you have received the bad news that you are terminally ill.

Suppose… you are walking around at home to take care of your last business, or you are in a wheelchair, in a hospital.

In a hospice and you can still go out for a day to enjoy a fully catered sailing day on a wonderful ship with your loved ones.

The foundation arranges it all and Gevelridder BV supports this great organization.

We look back with great warmth at a beautiful Gala, an evening that we were able to be part of. A nice amount has been raised here for this good cause. Thanks to ambassadors Klaas Wilting and Sandra Schuurhof and the many volunteers!

In conclusion: donate to this good cause: click here!

Veiligheid in de bouw en op bouwplaatsen is voor medewerkers van essentieel belang. Gevelridder BV helpt daarbij met eenvoudige en Arbo-vriendelijke hulpmiddelen.

Klaas Wilting