Samen gezond bouwen aan de toekomst

Bouwbeurs Utrecht

Bouwbeurs Utrecht, construction is changing rapidly with a growing attention to the environment and circularity, politicians are pushing Build Build Build! But does your health and safety on the construction site allow this? Does it make work more fun? NO NO NO! 

Gevelridder therefore helps to make construction healthier, safer and more fun. After all, we are eonomical and proud of our professionals. Gevelridder BV has made a number of lifting aids available for the   Volandis safe , which you can WIN! So come to the Volandis stand.

01. Glass trolley with clamps

02. Malle Jantje

Construction fair Utrecht

During BouwBeurs 2023, construction professionals come to Utrecht to see, hear, experience and tell what is needed to become and remain future-proof. The time to get up to date on numerous innovations.  For information click here.

About Volandis

The name Volandis is derived from the Spanish word ‘volante’, which means flywheel. As an organization, Volandis is a flywheel for personal and socially desirable developments. They focus on optimally supporting employees and employers in their implementation of sustainable employability.

How do we make work more fun?

How do we make work more fun? With this handy installation lift Quatro-lift Combi 200 Assembly Lift you can install 200 kg of glass, all by yourself!